How To Find The Best Prince Albert Car Dealerships

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If you’re looking for a new or used car, then you have to search for the best Prince Albert car dealerships. Naturally, you’ve got a fair few to choose from. Each one will probably claim it’s the best, so how do you differentiate between the genuine companies and the ones that will rip you off? 

Remember, buying a car is a pretty significant investment. A good-quality used car sets you back a couple of thousand dollars, and a new one will be even more expensive. So, you must take your time to ensure you find Prince Albert car dealerships that are trustworthy enough for your money!

This begs the question; how do you find the best car dealerships in Prince Albert? Well, here are a few signs to be on the lookout for: 


First and foremost, all of the best Prince Albert car dealerships will be transparent. In essence, this means that they’re upfront about everything. They don’t try and hide away any extra fees or charges, and they don’t lie about the health of the cars. 

A bad car dealership will always look to swindle you in some way or another. Typically, they set a price for a vehicle, then hit you with an extra service charge or some other type of fee on top of it. They’ll probably disguise the fee as something else, and they’ll tell you how vital it is! The good dealerships will disclose all fees in the total price, so you know exactly what you’re paying. 

The same goes for the state of the vehicles they’re selling. Some dealers try their best to hide away any issues that might put you off the car. This could include standing in front of dents or cracks, so you don’t see them, not providing the full service history, and so on. It lures you into buying a car that later requires lots of work done by your local Prince Albert mechanic. In effect, this adds to the overall cost of the car because you didn’t realize all this extra work had to be done! 

So, always look for car dealers with the utmost transparency. Ask about the prices, and see if they tell you about any extra fees. Make sure you get the full car history, and they should also let you inspect the car thoroughly! 

Non-Commission Sales Staff

This is probably something most people don’t take into consideration when buying a car. However, if you’re searching for Prince Albert car dealerships, then you should look for ones with staff that don’t get a commission. 

Why on earth does this matter?

Well, it will improve your overall customer experience at the dealership. You see, sales staff that work on a no-commission basis don’t have any extra incentives. They don’t need to make loads of sales, so they’ll take the time to get to know you better. They’ll help you find the best car for your needs, rather than trying to sell you a car that bags them a big commission from the sale. They’re also less likely to rush your decision, which means you can take your time and actually find a car that ticks all the right boxes. 

When sales teams do get a commission, it works as a disadvantage for the buyer. They will try and rush through the sale just to get the commission and move onto another customer. They’ll also try and encourage you to buy more expensive cars as this means they get a bigger cut from the sale. 

So, if you like fair prices and excellent customer service, then find Prince Albert car dealerships that don’t have commission-driven sales staff. 

Car Variety

Of course, you need to have a tasty variety of cars at a car dealership. If you don’t, then your choices are so limited. Some Prince Albert car dealerships only sell one particular brand of vehicles. Is this ideal? Unless you’re specifically looking for that make of car, then no, it’s not! 

Instead, the best dealerships will have a broad spectrum of cars for you to choose from. They should sell cars from different brands, vehicles of all different sizes, and ones of different ages. This way, you have far more options at your disposal. A broad choice makes it easier to find cars that suit your needs and your budget. 

When there’s a lack of variety, you sometimes feel forced into buying something just because it’s the best option you’ve got. Don’t let this happen to you. Spend your money wisely and find a dealer that gives you plenty of cars to look over and inspect. 

Warranties & Extra Protection

This is something that really sets the best apart from the rest. The absolute top car dealerships in Prince Albert will offer extra protection or warranties on their used cars. That’s right, you can get a warranty on a used vehicle! One of the main drawbacks people see with used cars is that they don’t always have a warranty attached. However, some used cars may be new enough to still have the manufacturer’s warranty on it. Then, some car dealers add an extended warranty that covers you for a short period. 

Along with this, the best dealers like to give you some form of coverage to protect your new investment. This can include something like Road Hazard Coverage – which is provided by our DriveNation branch in Prince Albert. Effectively, this gives you some added protection against the harsh driving conditions in the area. You’re covered for things like tire replacement that’s caused by bad roads. 

Sure, you can get local car insurance that covers these things and protects you even further, but it’s more convenient when you get it straight away from your car dealer. It can also mean you might be able to purchase a cheaper insurance policy as you’re already covered for some things. 

Fair Prices

You can’t buy a car without making sure that you’re not being ripped off. Unfortunately, lots of Prince Albert car dealerships don’t offer fair prices. As we mentioned earlier, some will add fees and extra charges to the price tag shown on the vehicle. Then, others will just have a much higher price than the market dictates. 

The problem is that lots of car buyers don’t take the time to check around to see the market prices. It’s more a case of not having enough time. Plus, dealers can sometimes put pressure on you to almost make you feel like you have to buy a car if you’ve been looking at it. So, you can get caught up in the salesperson’s spiel and end up overpaying for a used vehicle. 

If you want to find an excellent car dealership in Prince Albert, then they must offer fair prices. One good way to see this is if their prices are flexible. The best dealers will adjust the prices based on the market. This means they can go up, or they can go down. It shows you that they clearly pay attention to market forces and don’t just slap a value on a used car and never change it. 

Be sure to do your research before going to a dealer. Understand the value of the type of car you’re looking for, and this helps you see if their prices are fair or not. 

Multiple Buying Options

If a car dealership only offers one buying option, something’s not quite right. Realistically, all of the excellent Prince Albert car dealerships will give you multiple ways of paying for your car. This should include: 

  • Part exchange deals
  • Car loan applications
  • Leasing
  • Other car finance methods

By having this variety, you get to choose a method that suits you best. Some people can pay for a car in cash because it suits their financial position. For others, you might prefer to pay in instalments. So, a loan or some type of car finance works best for you. 

The point is that Prince Albert car dealerships should let you choose an option that suits your needs. Otherwise, you might be forced to pay for the car all in one go, which leads to financial instability. Our advice is to check with a financial advisor or accountant to see how your finances are holding up. Tell them you want to buy a car, and they’ll advise you on whether or not you can afford it all in one go, or if a loan/finance is the better choice. 

Visit Us For The Best Prince Albert Car Dealership

At DriveNation, we tick all of the things off this list! We’re a trustworthy and reliable used car dealership with a wide range of vehicles and fair prices. Our team don’t receive a commission, so they’re 100% committed to helping you find the car of your dreams. We also offer an extended warranty and Road Hazard Coverage – along with a 7-day exchange period if you’re unhappy with your vehicle. We’re transparent in everything that we do, and we offer multiple payment options that suit your needs. 

So, come and visit us today to see all the fantastic cars on offer at our dealership. We’ll help you find something that fits all of your requirements and doesn’t burn a hole through your wallet!

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